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What are brewery co-products?

Sometimes referred to as by-products or liquid sidestreams, brewery co-products are anything that is created as a result of the brewing process. This includes not only the spent malted barley (wet brewers grain), but also liquid sidestreams like yeast, tank bottoms, and trub.

What are the Brew-To-Moo™ cost-saving benefits?

Just like every brewery is unique, the amount of savings and revenue generated from Brew-To-Moo™ for each will also be unique. Factors such as production volume and best practice SOPs, along with current disposal processes—and even geography—may play a role. Our goal is to bring your waste processing in-house, provide a tailored solution that maximizes cost reduction, and increase revenue generation where possible.

What size brewery fits the mold?

The Brew-To-Moo™ process is designed for craft breweries that:

  • are medium-sized and larger
  • produce around 20,000 barrels of beer annually
  • exceed their current liquid sidestream management options 
  • are confronting unavailable or cost prohibitive municipal waste and/or off-site disposal services

What are the upfront costs?

The upfront costs for Brew-To-Moo™ are low and we aim to make the implementation of your solution as easy as possible. Our turn-key package includes all equipment and pipework needed as well as us working with our engineering design partner to properly and seamlessly integrate our process into your current floor plan.

How do you dispose of our spent grain and co-products?

We focus on finding livestock feeding operations as geographically close to your brewery as possible, handle all the logistics and sale of your edible co-products, and return revenue to you. This approach allows you to concentrate on your core business of making great beer.

What is our role in the removal process?

For best results, we prefer to integrate into your existing software, programming, and automation. Some ongoing labor and monitoring will be necessary, and our team will need to know your production schedule to coordinate the removal of co-products accurately and efficiently.

What makes the Brew-To-Moo™ process sustainable?

There are environmental, governmental, and financial costs for sending your high-strength wastes down the sewer. Even sending your co-products to an off-site disposal site, can have far reaching implications.

The Brew-To-Moo™ process eliminates many of these factors by bringing treatment in-house to capture the solid components from the liquid sidestreams and makes them viable products for local livestock. Helping reduce waste in local landfills, water reclamation efforts, and eco-systems.

Utilizing brewery co-products as feed for livestock can provide farms with a cost-effective source of nutrients. Through Wilbur-Ellis feed programs, like Brew-To-Moo™, breweries help their local community’s food supply chain be more sustainable and affordable.

How much space does Brew-To-Moo™ require?

Each build is uniquely tailored to the floor plan of the brewery. The size of the equipment needed for each installation can range from 200 square feet to 300 square feet.

Who is responsible for maintaining equipment onsite?

The Brew-To-Moo™ process is a turn-key solution tailored to each individual brewery. Given this complex system, Wilbur-Ellis, through service providers, will be responsible for all routine maintenance and repairs. Breweries will be responsible for monitoring the equipment and performing preventative maintenance, as needed.

Why should we choose Brew-To-Moo™?

Wilbur-Ellis is one of the largest family-owned companies in the world. Since 1921, we’ve built all our relationships on trust, respect and a genuine interest in everyone’s well-being. The Brew-To-Moo™ program takes these customer-focused values to new heights as we have developed a patent pending process for the management of liquid sidestreams.

Through this new technology, Wilbur-Ellis will bring your brewery a unique solution to eliminate excess co-product waste costs from your bottom line.

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